The Hospitality Hub’s inaugural in-service brought together the Guest Services and Guest Reception teams to deepen their understanding of the comprehensive services available to guests. The event featured representatives from Lakeside Behavioral Health System, Angela Quadrani and Jennifer Estes, who provided a detailed presentation on Lakeside’s extensive care continuum.

Bailey Amos, the Guest Services Supervisor of the Hospitality Hub, explained, “It wasn’t until these wonderful ladies came to share more about Lakeside that we understood the capacity, compassion, and levels of care and programs that are available.” She emphasized that the staff now feels more equipped to connect guests with the resources they need.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System, serving Memphis for over five decades, provides treatment across a range of services, from inpatient detox to outpatient programs. “One of the reasons why we came here today was to partner with the Hospitality Hub to be a resource for anyone seeking help for mental health or behavioral health care services,” Quadrani explained. She stressed the importance of breaking the stigma around mental health and making resources accessible.

By understanding Lakeside’s compassionate care programs, we can now offer even more resources to guests at the Hub. Together, we’re tackling the stigma around mental health while providing access to crucial services.

Key takeaways for the Hospitality Hub staff include a newfound awareness of the breadth of Lakeside’s services, from treating young children to seniors, and the capacity to offer hope and healing to individuals regardless of their situation. “We can help a lot of people,” emphasized Quadrani, who highlighted that Lakeside operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Hospitality Hub, a single point of entry for individuals experiencing homelessness, assists clients with employment opportunities, acquiring identification, shelter, and referrals to behavioral health services like Lakeside. Through this partnership, the Hub has strengthened its ability to guide guests effectively, creating a powerful network of support. This collaboration reflects their shared mission to end the stigma around mental health and to provide individuals with essential resources for recovery.