The Hub Hotel, a transitional shelter serving women experiencing homelessness in Memphis, has now been open for nearly 3 months! We can’t believe how many incredible moments we’ve shared with Hub Hotel guests since then. See photos of our favorite moments at the bottom of this post!

As we quickly built the shelter program last spring in response to the COVID pandemic, we aimed to create a shelter that did more than take care of guests’ most urgent needs. Our staff wanted to spend time with guests to become familiar with their challenges and identify pathways out of homelessness specific to each individual. In addition to providing shelter, meals, and moments of fun & levity, here are ways we support our guests at the Hub Hotel:

  • Provide transportation to medical appointments and jobs
  • Assist with referrals and scheduling for mental health appointments 
  • Identify opportunities for permanent housing
  • Coordinate successful transition to permanent housing
  • Provide opportunities to participate in Work Local, a Hub employment program

We are grateful to our community of supporters for their donations, words of support, and for helping furnish the Hub Hotel with beautiful decor from our registries! You have helped us create a safe space that welcomes our city’s most vulnerable and nurtures their journey out of homelessness.


Guests and staff had a picnic in the park on a beautiful afternoon!


Guests prepared their first homemade meal at the Hub Hotel — taco night!


Hub Hotel Operations Director Kelsey Johnson, center, took guests to the drive-in movie theater!


Guests re-potting plants on the back deck of the Hub Hotel.