The Value of Work Local to the Community

Everyday, Work Local crews fan out across the city. At the end of each shift, crews have the opportunity to liaise with the dedicated team of case managers at The Hospitality Hub to advance their individual lives. Removing blight, or the physical deterioration of a neighborhood or community, is crucial for creating and maintaining vibrant and thriving communities. Blight can have a detrimental impact on the well-being of residents and the overall community, but addressing it can lead to a variety of positive outcomes.

Improving Property Values

Removing blight can improve the appearance of a neighborhood and increase property values, which can make it more attractive to potential home buyers and businesses, and can lead to a more stable and prosperous community.

Enhancing Public Safety

Blighted areas can be associated with high crime rates and can make residents feel unsafe. Removing blight can improve the appearance of a neighborhood, which can lead to a reduction in crime and increase a sense of community safety.

Improving Community Health

Blighted areas can have negative health effects, such as exposure to lead paint and other toxins. Removing blight can improve the living conditions of residents and promote better health outcomes.

Encouraging Community Development

Removing blight can lead to increased community development and revitalization efforts, which can bring new resources and opportunities to the area. This can include new community centers, parks, and other public spaces that can help to create a sense of community and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Creating Jobs

Removing blight can lead to the development of new businesses, which can create jobs and stimulate the local economy. It can also attract new residents and businesses, which can increase demand for goods and services, and further boost the local economy.

Increasing Civic Engagement

Removing blight can help to create a sense of community pride and increase civic engagement. A community that looks well-maintained and attractive is more likely to be a source of pride for its residents, and can encourage them to take an active role in the community through volunteering or participating in community events.


The Hospitality Hub partners with the City of Memphis and the Department of Public Works to clean up blight and provide temporary fair-wage work opportunities for our clients.

Beyond the benefit of work experience and income, guests have reported feeling grateful for the opportunity to clean up the communities that have supported their pathway out of homelessness. Neighbors in areas served by Work Local often come outside to thank participants for their hard work.


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